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What is Truth


What is Truth?

Today we have a very interesting subject.

What is Truth?

Now, ultimately speaking that's a really broad question so we're going to kind of dial it in a little bit. Now there's multiple areas of quote unquote truth that we can look at without getting into the three different kinds too much we're just gonna hone in on absolute truth.

So absolute truth, essentially says that there is a reference for everything to come back to.

Now, what we mean by that is, to give a brief example is, you can have some differences in different cultures, which is in a way cultural also. In music for example, you can have different groups of notes in different countries. And they have different scales and different sounds, but nevertheless they are all built upon the foundation of music. So music is music, so one nation might write down in one language, another nation observes science in another language. The principles of science are the same, even though the languages are different. So Joining me today is Dr marks. And Dr marks, what do you think in regards to truth?

Is there an absolute truth, and how can we know that?

Well, there has to be an absolute truth. I mean,

Truth is that thing which corresponds, matches what is real.  

If there is no matching with what is real, then no statement you make no thing that you do would be real. So, since there's a real, there has to be a truth.

So would you say, we all have a lens in which we see truth. So we might all see the same thing from a different angle. Well we might have a lens, but that doesn't change the truth. See truth is not just something that works because you see it a certain way. It's not something that you necessarily feel, or that everybody thinks.

Truth is bigger than what you feel, or what you think. 

It's bigger than the lens that you're looking through. In fact, if you think about it for a moment if I, the glasses that I'm wearing right now, corrects what I'm seeing it makes it. It helps me see what is true what what is real. 

I've heard it said before truth can be viewed kind of like a car accident at an intersection, right. You have this car accident that takes place in the middle of this intersection.


And on each one of the four corners, you have a different person that happened to witness this car accident. Now, even though each and every corner is going to see the accident from a different perspective, the deniable truth is a car accident happened, right. So we can't deny that. So we get so hung up on the differences between the angles that we don't realize there is an absolute truth. Would you agree with that? 

Absolutely. I mean, we have to recognize that while everybody has a different point of view, like we just said the accident did happen. They may be looking at it from a different angle. But the truth is, what matches what is real is what is actually what is happening. 

And to ultimately sum this up what I find to be the most interesting components is and correct me if I'm wrong with this, but every truth claim of absolute truth of how we got here and why we're here and if there's a meaning to why we're here, come down to some type of worldview, does it not? 

Well worldview is the lens through which you view things. 

It is kind of like putting on a pair of sunglasses. If I put on a pair of sunglasses and they're green, it's going to make everything appear to me to be green. That's what a worldview is.

It's the set of facts, through which you view the whole world.  

Now, is it possible that all those things kind of see the same thing from a different lens or do they contradict each other?

Well if they contradict each other, that demonstrates it cannot all be true at the same time. So there's going to have to be a corrective.

So by nature, truth is exclusive, meaning that anything outside of itself is not true. 

Would you agree with that?

Yeah. Math is a great example of truth. It is what it is, whether you're happy with it or not, or whether you understand math or not. I mean, if even if you don't know what addition is, this many and this many is this many. The truth is that thing which corresponds to what is actual whether you understand it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you're a math major or not, makes no difference. 

So in conclusion, truth is exclusive. It is a precise thing in which we can all reference everything around us back to.  

So I guess the journey would be pursuing that truth and seeing what it implies. Because again going back to worldviews, these worldviews say so many different things and painting different lens on why we're here and all the big questions of life. Right?

Well, I would agree with that conclusion. You know, the worldview needs to be corrected to that which fits the facts. Truth is telling things like it is and what we need to do in order to correct our worldview is to see if our worldview fits the facts, is true. That's what we are going to have to do, that's what truth is all about.

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As a Pastor at Calvary Chapel Fourteensix in the Phoenix area, I enjoy leading worship with God's people! Being transformed by the love of God & the gospel at age 19, I have since had a passion for the things of God and using technology to bring Him glory. There is no greater delight for me than to see God's people grow in their faith.


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